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Power Vac propane vacuum sweeperPower Vac
LP Vacuum Sweeper
for Clean-burning Cleanup

The Propane Power-Vac commercial vacuum sweeper is ideally suited for quick cleanup of virtually any type of litter and debris found outdoors and in ventilated indoor environments from liter size plastic bottles to large metallic objects. The LP Power-Vac can be used on a variety of surfaces such as turf, concrete, asphalt, pavers and more.

Tackle even the largest job at 40,000 sq ft per hour. The Power-Vac saves time and money by cleaning 12 times faster than manual broom and rake methods. Power-Vac Sweepers are low maintenance, with no moving parts such as chains or belts, no gates, hinges, or levers to complicate operations. The machine is always at the right operation height, ready to pick up almost any size object.

The Power-Vac's unique engineering provides for the collection of dissimilar litter. A patented design allows objects outside the width of the machine to be vacuumed, and the Quick-Tilt feature offers a Snap-on Dolly assembly to allow the introduction of large objects into the airstream. The 11-cubic-foot-capacity polyester felt bag has a specifically designed zippered screened vent for superior dust control, yet still maintains proper machine balance for titling.

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  • Parking Garages
  • Factories
  • Sports Complexes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Downtown Shopping Areas
  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks


Propane Powered Model Details:
- Operates on clean burning LP gas safely in vented, indoor environments. Propane hardware is UL listed and meets or exceeds N.F.P.A. reg. #58. Primary and secondary reducers provide constant gas flow during operation and halts gas flow when engine is not running.
- 6.0 HP Briggs & Stratton or 5.5 HP Honda engines. Accepts 14# or 20# vapor withdrawl tank (not included). Walk behind push sweeper.  Shipping wt. 200 lbs.
Power Vac Propane Power Vac Propane
Power Vac Propane Power Vac Propane
Power Vac Propane Power Vac Propane
Power Vac Propane Power Vac Propane



  • Multi-purpose Vacuuming - Outdoors & Well Vented Indoor Areas; Hard Surfaces or Turf
  • Picks up Practically Anything with NO Adjustments
    • flat stock, cans, glass, leaves & grass clippings and more
  • Used for: air craft hangers, loading docks, walkways and covered storage areas


  • Two Sweep Widths 30" or 40"
  • Maneuverable - 54" Long
  • Cleans up to 40,000 sq ft per hour
  • Patented Tapered Intake - Side Collection
  • Exclusive Booster Baffle - Picks Up More Difficult Litter
  • Rugged, All Welded Steel Body
  • No Chains, Belts or Unnecessary Moving Parts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impeller Shaft Guard - Prevents String, Wire, etc. from Wrapping Around & Binding on Shaft
  • Snap-On Dolly Assembly - Carries Weight of Bag
  • Exclusive Deflector Baffle Protects Operator
  • Transportable in Van or on Trailer

Instant Action Hose option (4" diameter x 10 ft. hose with cane handle) enables continuous effortless cleaning of those difficult areas to reach with the Power-Vacuums such as around lamp post, fences, adjoining hedges, behind garbage cans, parking bumpers, stairway entrances to name a few. When used in connection with the Auto Baffle option, it increases hose suction by 30%.

Magnetic Bar option is ideal to sort out metallic objects or to prevent Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to cars, trucks and even air craft that are parked by gate areas and/or traveling on the ramp.

Brush Assembly option mounts in front of Power Vac and with spring loaded constant pressure (eliminating continuous adjustments) loosens debris for easier pick up.

Leaf Blower attachment converts vacuum into a leaf blower while still enabling the vacuum to pick up debris.

Turf Application Kit option (adjustable side mounted wheels and a bag sling) enables effective removal of leaves and debris from turf surface areas.

Electric or Battery Start Motor feature enables easier starting of propane powered vacs.


All Power-Vac Sweepers have a 1 Year Warranty.


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